Viktoria SG



Why SG?

Simply because of the double family name:

Viktoria Skityba – Grivel.

I am Russian and I had been leaving in Switzerland, France, Cyprus, Slovakia and few other different countries for my education and self-developing. This is why I contain in my character so many different expressions: as the artist, hospitality industry person also magazine developer and just as the loving wife.

Art came to me by love at the first sight, because of the contagious passion of my husband, who is the art collector and advisor shearing his knowledge and culture.

This love to art made me grow wings and the desire to be a part of this declares in 2014,

following the verdict of a malady that fell on me like a thunderbolt. 

The malady calls “Multiple Sclerosis” strengthened me. It opened my mind and vision on a very different life that I could imagine. Now, as one might say I am "stabilized".

I am fascinated by drawing and oil painting, by series of works on well-defined themes.


My artistic vision

Under tunes of lightness and sweetness,

my works speak about refinements and love,

cheerfulness of the human and the mélancolisme, which we always searching in each other.

In my work, i am looking for an emotion, a perception of joy and tenderness for those, who will contemplate.

Artworks available 

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